China Dwarf Bamboo

China Dwarf Bamboo Bambusa guangxiensis Synonyms: None China Dwarf Bamboo is a thick, branching type bamboo suitable for use as a hedging plant or low-maintenance screen. […]
Malay Dwarf Bamboo in garden setting

Malay Dwarf Bamboo

Malay Dwarf Bamboo Bambusa heterostachya Synonyms: Gigantochloa heterostachya This species is an extremely thick and vigorous plant. It will branch naturally and further branching and thickness can […]
Gracilis Bamboo in suburban setting

Gracilis Bamboo

Gracilis Bamboo Bambusa textilis gracilis Synonyms: Slender Weaver Bamboo. A very popular species, Gracilis is great for screening out tall buildings or for providing a wind / […]
Goldstripe Bamboo

Goldstripe Bamboo

Goldstripe Bamboo Bambusa multiplex ‘Goldstripe’ Synonyms: Hedge Bamboo Goldstripe is a naturally dense and tight growing species with a nice upright habit. It’s also relatively small […]
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