Neoregelia broms for sale


Neoregelia Neoregelia species & cultivars Synonyms: None. ‘Neos’ as they are called in the hobby are the archetypal bromeliad. There are literally thousands of species and […]

Alcantarea ‘Silver Plum’

Alcantarea ‘Silver Plum’ Alcantarea imperialis ‘Silver Plum’ Synonyms: None. An absolute favourite around Brisbane, Alcantarea ‘Silver Plum’ forms a large and magnificent specimen around the garden. […]
Odoratas at Oxley Nursery

Alcantarea odorata

Alcantarea odorata Alcantarea odorata Synonyms: Fragrant Alcantarea. ‘Odoratas’ are another large, sun-loving bromeliad suitable for Brisbane gardens. This variety features striking silver foliage. It’s even said […]
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