Summerscent blooms

Radermachera ‘Summerscent’

Radermachera ‘Summerscent’ Radermachera ‘Summerscent’ Synonyms: Radermachera sp. Kunming. Touted as the ‘new Murraya’, Summerscent is rapidly being adopted throughout South East Queensland. It’s vigorous growth and natural […]
Murraya flowers

Mock Orange

Mock Orange Murraya paniculata Synonyms: Orange Jessamine, Murraya exotica, Chalcas paniculata. Murraya is a popular hedging option in warm climates where it forms a dense and lush wall […]
Close up of Buxus foliage

Korean Box

Korean Box Buxus sinica var. insularis Synonyms: Korean Boxwood, Buxus microphylla var. koreana. Korean Box is the classic topiary and hedging plant for Japanese or formal […]

Lillypilly ‘Select’

Lillypilly ‘Select’ Syzigium australe ‘Select’ Synonyms: Scrub Cherry, Thick & Fast. If you’re looking for a tall and dense screening plant, Lillypilly ‘Select’ is one of […]
Lillypilly Big Red foliage

Lillypilly ‘Big Red’

Lillypilly ‘Big Red’ Syzigium australe ‘Big Red’ Synonyms: Scrub Cherry. Big Red is a Lillypilly variety developed here in Queensland. It is well known for its […]
Close up foliage of Cascade

Lillypilly ‘Cascade’

Lillypilly ‘Cascade’ Syzygium luehmannii x Syzygium wilsonii Synonyms: Weeping Lillypilly. Cascade is a lovely weeping lillypilly, suitable as an informal hedge or garden specimen. Minimal pruning […]
Close up of Baby Boomer foliage

Lillypilly ‘Baby Boomer’

Lillypilly ‘Baby Boomer’ Syzygium australe ‘Baby Boomer’ Synonyms: Dwarf Lillypilly. ‘Baby Boomer’ is a small, sturdy variety, ideal for border plantings, low hedges or as a […]
Resilience foliage

Lillypilly ‘Resilience’

Lillypilly ‘Resilience’ Syzigium australe ‘Resilience’ Synonyms: Scrub Cherry. Another great fast-growing option for screening. Similar to Lillypilly ‘Select’ but with a larger, more glossy leaf. This […]

Brazilian Red Cloak

Brazilian Red Cloak Megaskepasma erythrochlamys Synonyms: Red Justica. Brazilian Red Cloak is an attractive and versatile plant, suitable for use as a screen or background plant […]
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