Luscious at Oxley Nursery

Tristaniopsis ‘Luscious’

Tristaniopsis ‘Luscious’ Tristaniopsis laurina ‘DOW10′ Luscious® PBR Synonyms: Water Gum, Kanooka Gum Tristaniopsis ‘Luscious’ is an improved version of. T. laurina. It’s a useful tree for […]
Native Gardenia showing great form.

Native Gardenia

Native Gardenia Atractocarpus fitzalanii Synonyms: Randia fitzalanii, Brown Gardenia, Yellow Mangosteen. Native Gardenia, otherwise known as Atractocarpus fitzalanii, is a fantastic Australian Native rain forest tree. […]

Little Evodia

Little Evodia Melicope rubra Synonyms: Euodia, Evodiella, Butterfly Tree, Evodiella muelleri, Melicope muelleri. This unusual tree is another gem from North Queensland, occurring from the Atherton […]

Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’

Magnolia ‘Teddy Bear’ Magnolia grandiflora ‘Southern Charm’ PBR Synonyms: Southern Magnolia, Bull Bay Magnolia Magnolias have long been a popular tree in Australia, especially the evergreen […]

Pandanus baptistii

Gold-striped Screw Pine Pandanus baptistii ‘Variegated’ Synonyms: Pandanus sanderi. Ever wanted a Pandanus but turned off because of the spiny leaves? Then this is the plant […]
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