COVID19: Customer Updates

UPDATED 12/01/2021

Greater Brisbane – Mask Rule Changes

In line with current Queensland Health directions it is MANDATORY to carry a face mask while shopping at Oxley Nursery until otherwise directed.
Customers and Staff must wear a mask when they cannot physically distance by keeping 1.5 metres away from others.

We appreciate your cooperation with following our designated signage for face mask wearing at the nursery, which is to ensure the safety of our valued customers and staff alike.

We would like to thank every one of our customers who are supporting us through this turbulent time. Your understanding and assistance with constantly social distancing, mask wearing, and being mindful of others while shopping here is greatly appreciated.

In the mean time here is how we continue to stay safe:

Luckily we are an open fresh-air nursery with plenty of space to keep to yourself. If you’re concerned about hygiene we have a number of stations with soap and alcohol based sanitizer; including sales counters, toilets, and staff rooms. All team members working will be 100% fit and well – no one working here will be unwell or in contact with anyone unwell.

Our staff are educated on retail hygiene and social distancing. We are disinfecting between every transaction at the register and encouraging social distancing around the nursery, including in the queue. Hand trolleys and baskets are being disinfected after use. We have set 1.5m apart positions for the line up for the register and removed displays to open up our entrance and exit.

A contact-less collection of your goods – no need to come into the nursery!
Order and pay over the phone and you can drive through our dispatch area to collect.

If you’re worried about crowds, simply give us a call to check how busy we are before you come. Best times for a quick visit are early and late in the day. 11am – 3pm weekends are our busiest times. (07) 3375 5390

Please, for the health and safety of yourself and others, stay at home. We hope you feel better soon.

Due to ongoing delays with postage services this offer has been suspended.

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