Garden Design Services


Creative, affordable and unique garden designs by people who know plants

At Oxley Nursery, our years of experience in this industry can transform your backyard through assisting in designing your garden - you can expect a serious WOW factor when we're done!

Why choose us?

We started our garden design service largely because many customers would come to us with landscape plans that were full of bad plant choices. Whist many designers can offer good structural layout, they seem to select plants from a list or text book rather than what grows well in the area and fits the customers need and theme.

We believe that for best plant selection, you need advice from someone who has been gardening in your area for many years. We sometimes joke that anyone commissioning a designer for their garden should ask to see the designers garden first! We're locals, we know what will grow and what will not. Come and see our garden any time!!


Planning in Stages

We believe that gardening should be enjoyable. We are often encouraging people to look at it as an ongoing process rather than a project all finished in one weekend like on many TV programs. Many people hit overwhelm when trying to make all the decisions before starting. Sometimes the best decisions come from being involved in the project and not just in theory beforehand.

Our philosophy

As we mostly all live in square houses on square blocks, a good garden reflects peace and calm amid the geometrical matrix of suburbia. Unless physically restrictive, our designs are based on curves and natural elements to make your outdoor areas soothing to the soul and unique in appearance to generic gardens. We also like to make sure small gardens look lush, large and expansive.

Services offered & costs

We offer an in-house design service suitable for small and medium projects. Please email us if you have a large project you'd like us to help with.

  • $89 - 45 minute WEEKDAY session at the nursery. You bring in photos and a basic drawing with measurements and we'll help you plan it there and then. Best option if you are almost ready to begin installing the garden, or if you are really lost and need help getting started.

  • $145 - 45 minute WEEKEND session at the nursery. Same as above.

The above costs are for properties up to 1200 sq. metres. Additional charges may apply for larger properties.

Booking a Design

We often have a waiting list of 2-4 weeks so it is often quicker and more affordable to book 45 min session with one of our staff. We don't rush these designs as we're not a sausage factory! Due thought and consideration is given every design so you can be sure your garden will reflect you, your needs and the style you prefer.

To book your design send us an email or call us on 07 3375 5390.