Plants Galore

We have an extensive range of plants within the nursery spanning over eleven departments. This constantly changes with the season, availability, and best conditions for the plants.

Cati and Succulents

The drought masters

These plants hail from almost every continent on Earth, usually from arid areas or deserts. They do great in pots, make sure you use a Cacti & Succulent specific mix, as drainage is key.

Did you know that all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti.


Feature Trees

The heart of the garden

If soil is the foundation of a garden, then trees are the framework from which your garden grows.

Trees can be used to create shade, to screen, and to add colour. They can be ornamental or productive.

At Oxley Nursery we try to provide customers with suitable trees to fit the needs of your South-East Queensland garden.

Screening & Hedging


Australian native plants provide food and shelter, attract birds, give lizards a home and provide crucial habitat for our local fauna.

Native plants are extremely well adapted to our harsh Australian conditions and new cultivars have been specially bred with your backyard in mind.

Less maintenance and less watering means a no-fuss garden that continues to look great throughout the year.

Fruit Trees

Everyone dreams of a backyard with a lemon tree, being able to stroll out into the yard and pick some fruit, fill a basket and bring it inside.

At Oxley Nursery, we believe this is achievable for any backyard. If space is limited there is a wide range of dwarf varieties, most even suited to grow in pots. 


Self-sustainability is the dream

We have a large range of herbs, veggie and fruit trees at Oxley nursery including some unusual tropical varieties.

Grow things that you enjoy eating, start small with some herbs in pots and work your way up to a full kitchen garden. 

House Plants

Indoor Plants are more popular than ever these days. With shrinking block sizes and the transition to apartment life for many, having plants inside is the only way people can bring some greenery into their lives. Indoor plants are also thought to purify the air, and they bring a sense of life and vibrancy to the often stark interiors of modern buildings.

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