Goldstripe Bamboo

Goldstripe Bamboo

Bambusa multiplex ‘Goldstripe’

Synonyms: Hedge Bamboo

Goldstripe is a naturally dense and tight growing species with a nice upright habit. It’s also relatively small (around 4m) with thin canes, making it a popular choice for smaller gardens. This variety features fine variegation on the canes and is an attractive species if you’re after that quintessential bamboo look. Non-invasive clumping species.

Some leaf fall may occur in the colder months. This varies greatly depending on your location and planting microclimate.


  • Screening
  • Pots & Tubs
  • Japanese style gardens
  • Tropical style gardens
  • Windbreak


Low. Remove spent canes as necessary. Bamboo generally produces significant leaf mess. Remove if required or retain as natural mulch. Use quality fertilizer such as Troforte or Organic Link to maintain vigorous growth.


  • Small & manageable size
  • Neat and attractive canes
  • Fast growth once established
  • Thin canes mean easy pruning & maintenance


Height: 3-4m
Width: Indefinite


Full sun to part shade


Water frequently in hot weather. Can survive drought periods.

Growth Rate

Fast if in good conditions.
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