Malay Dwarf Bamboo in garden setting

Malay Dwarf Bamboo

Bambusa heterostachya

Synonyms: Gigantochloa heterostachya

This species is an extremely thick and vigorous plant. It will branch naturally and further branching and thickness can be encouraged through regular pruning. Malay Dwarf Bamboo conceals its canes as a normal part of its growth. This is great if you want to use it for hedging. However, if you want a more traditional looking bamboo where canes are prominent, this is perhaps not the species for you.


Malay Dwarf Bamboo will maintain a dense cover of foliage in most areas around Brisbane. However, like most species, some leaf loss is to be expected in winter. This varies a lot depending on location and microclimate.


  • Screening
  • Hedging
  • Pots & Tubs
  • Japanese style gardens
  • Tropical style gardens
  • Windbreak


Low. Remove spent canes as necessary. Bamboo generally produces significant leaf mess. Remove if required or retain as natural mulch. Use quality fertilizer such as Troforte or Organic Link to maintain vigorous growth.


  • Can be pruned hard

  • Fast growth once established

  • Dense, leafy look

  • Fine, variegated foliage


Height: 3-4m
Width: Indefinite


Full sun to part shade


Water frequently in hot weather. Can survive drought periods.

Growth Rate

Fast if in good conditions.
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