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Narrow Chalk Sticks

Senecio cylindricus

Synonyms:  Senecio talinoides subsp. cylindricus, Senecio vitalis, Senecio spiculosus, Kleinia spiculosa and Kleinia cylindrica.

Narrow Chalk Sticks is a popular succulent plant suitable for landscaping or for pots. Although known to the hobby for many decades, it is a plant with many names and confusing origins. It is still considered by some as a subspecies of Senecio talinoides. This species is identified from other varieties of Chalk Sticks by its narrow leaves (less than 5mm) and pale blue coloration. Flowers are drab and daisy-like, held on stalks above the height of the plant.

Narrow Chalk Sticks is being used increasingly in landscapes and garden designs around Brisbane. It has a low-growing habit and will form a large dense shrub over time. Narrow Chalk Sticks has very low water needs once established, and could probably survive on natural rainfall alone. However, plants will look neater and grow more vigorously if provided extra water during the hottest months. Provide four or more hours of direct sun for best results. Shade grown plants may lean heavily and become leggy.
Maintenance for Chalk Sticks varieties is very easy. Prune lightly after flowering to remove dead blooms and to encourage the plant to thicken up. Plants may get leggy in time. When this occurs, simply cut back hard and replant the growing tips. Senecio species suffer few major pests or disease issues. However, the are prone to rotting of if kept too wet or too dark. Caterpillars can be an issue during the warmer months but are easy to treat.


  • Xeric garden
  • Balcony/patio plant
  • Potted specimen
  • Low maintenance landscapes


Very easy to grow. Needs at least a few hours of direct sun to thrive. Not recommended as an indoor plant. Repot using a good quality Cacti & Succulent mix. Plants will benefit from a small amount of quality slow-release fertilizer such as Troforte added to the soil.


  • Fine blue-green foliage

  • Pale daisy-like flowers

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    Height: 80cm
    Width: 1.5m


    Full sun to Part sun


    Low watering needs. Provide additional water in summer.

    Growth Rate

    Moderate growth rate.
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