Heliconia ‘Bucky’

Heliconia stricta cv. ‘Bucky’

Synonyms: None.

Looking for a non-invasive small growing Heliconia? Then look no further! Bucky is a fantastic variety, growing only to 2m with neat, dark green foligae and large red-orange flowers. A much better choice than the sometimes weedy and cold sensitive Heliconia psittacorum.

Bucky maintains neat foliage and a clean appearance when well looked after. Its small size makes it excellent for pots and tubs on a patio or veranda. Spring/Summer flowering.


  • Screening
  • Tropical / Balinese
  • Flower interest
  • Background plant
  • Pots & Tubs


Very low maintenance. Apply generous manure and/or compost around the plant for best results as this is a plant that will do much better in a rich, organic soil.

Use quality fertilizer such as Troforte or Organic Link to maintain vigorous growth. Prune away spent flowers and leaves if desired.


  • Suited for sun

  • Large, solid-red flowers

  • Small size, lush foliage

  • Spring/Summer flowering
  • Non-invasive

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    Height: 2-2.5m
    Width: Indefinite, clumping


    Full sun to part shade.


    Moderate needs. Water frequently in hot weather.

    Growth Rate

    Very fast if in good conditions.
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