Gold-striped Screw Pine

Pandanus baptistii ‘Variegated’

Synonyms: Pandanus sanderi.

Ever wanted a Pandanus but turned off because of the spiny leaves? Then this is the plant for you! Pandanus are iconic plants of coastal Australia, featured heavily around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Pandanus baptistii is usually sold as the variegated form, as this form is much more striking than the plain green wild-type. It has large strappy leaves and will eventually form a branching canopy with stilt roots, the same as other species.

Most Pandanus grow large, but fairly slowly. This is certainly the case for P. baptistii. Specimens may reach 5m or so in height, and form a broad spreading canopy. However, if your plant ever gets too large or overbearing, you can easily prune it.

Pandanus are surprisingly tough and adaptable plants, able to grow in a broad range of environments. They’ll handle coastal exposure, sandy soils, wet areas, or in part shade beneath other trees. They are best grown in full sun though, with well-drained soil. Although more than capable of taking drought periods once established, it’s best if the plant is kept well-watered over summer. This will prevent scorching of the leaves.

Pandanus baptistii suffer few pest and disease issues. They are somewhat prone to mealybug infestation, but this is usually easy to treat. They may rot off at the base or suffer die-back at the tips if kept cold and wet for too long. Not frost tolerant. This plant is also quite fragile, so avoid planting it where it may be damaged by falling branches or palm fronds. The fruit is considered edible.


  • Tropical gardens
  • Potted specimen
  • Commercial plantings
  • Coastal sites
  • Native gardens


Fairly easy to grow. Can be adapted to a variety of soil types in full sun to part shade. Looks best in full sun, with regular watering over summer to prevent leaf scorching. Use quality fertilizer such as Troforte or Organic Link regularly to produce strong, healthy growth.


  • Long green and gold strappy leaves (no thorns!)

  • Branching canopy
  • Interesting stilt roots
  • Unusual flower followed by edible fruit

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    Height: 5-6m
    Width: 3-4m


    Full sun to part shade


    Moderate watering. Can survive drought periods once established.

    Growth Rate

    Slow growth rate.
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