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Croton Codiaeum variegatum Synonyms: Croton variegatum, Codiaeum variegatum var. pictum, Codiaeum chrysophyllum, Variegated Laurel, Rushfoil. Crotons are a tried and true favorite in subtropical and tropical gardens all over the world. Hailing oringinally from Indonesia and New Guinea, the wild type plant was introduced to Horticulture in the 17th century and has since been bred into countless different cultivar and variations. It has long…

String of Pearls – Senecio rowleyanus

String of Pearls Senecio rowleyanus Synonyms:  String of Beads, String of Lanterns, String of Beads. String of Pearls is a very popular trailing succulent suitable for brightly lit indoor areas or semi-shaded outdoor positions. In the wild it trails along the ground under shrubs and small trees. However, in cultivation it is most commonly grown as a hanging plant where the thin stems can…


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