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Tassel Fern (Huperzia spp.)

Tassel Fern Huperzia spp. Synonyms: Firmoss. Tassel Ferns are a variable genus of epiphytic plant, related to ferns and clubmoss. The genus Huperzia is widespread, occurring from Tasmania to the Northern Territory, and overseas throughout Asia, India and North America. They are related to the terrestrial clubmosses, however most of the genus Huperzia are epiphytic and hemi-epiphytic species. There are over 400 species in…

Brazilian Red Cloak

Brazilian Red Cloak Megaskepasma erythrochlamys Synonyms: Red Justica. Brazilian Red Cloak is an attractive and versatile plant, suitable for use as a screen or background plant in full sun or shaded positions. Its large mid-green leaves provide a year-round tropical look and feel. Neat growing, forms a dense screen with minimal pruning. Although it does grow tall, its herbaceous nature makes it easy to…


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