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4 days ago

Oxley Nursery

A great day filming with Costa and the Gardening Australia team. The rain arrived just in time to enjoy, but not dampen the gig! Approx 2-4 months before it will go to air. ... See MoreSee Less


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Jillian Honey

What a great idea , and you all look so happy . That's awesome

Naomi Mandi

Congrats team @OxleyNursery

How great. Love Gardening Australia and the Oxley Nursery

Christie Heyblom 😍😍😍

Callum Francis Rowe 😮

Edward Mitchell

Congratulations Please let me know when it’s on.. I’d love to watch it!

Wondered why it wasn’t on last night🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Harry Foster omg this is my nursery

We were so happy to meet him yesterday, and he was so amazing with Evie ❤️.

I’m sure I remember this being something in your future story when we met a few years ago 🤔👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Wow! So when can we watch this episode?

Caitlin will you let us know when it’s on !!! That’s awesome 😊

Thats so awesome...cant wait to see the show Olivia..Liv ❤


Cool 😎 looking forward to watching it.

That’s awesome 👏

Looks like an awesome day guys . Nice photos to match.

Looking good 😊

This is awesome!

Congratulations Well worth the show at Oxley nursery, I love just visiting the place

Well done! Can't wait to see the story!

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4 days ago

Oxley Nursery

Gorgeous new foxtail palms just arrived. Chunky butts and deep green foliage! @ Oxley Nursery ... See MoreSee Less

Gorgeous new foxtail palms just arrived. Chunky butts and deep green foliage! @ Oxley NurseryImage attachment


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Reagan Genrich

How much are these?

Deb White

Did you buy any? $??

Mary Davis

I'm a sucker for chunky butts.

Hi guys Are the Foxtail Palms Suitable for Melbourne Victoria Climate?

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