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Silver Dollar Vine – Xerosicyos danguyi

Silver Dollar Vine Xerosicyos danguyi Synonyms: Silver Dollar Plant. The Silver Dollar Vine is a summer-growing climbing or scrambling shrub from Madagascar. A relative of the cucumber, this plant climbs using the same kind of delicate tendrils to grip onto a support structure. Although a climber, the Silver Dollar Vine forms a loose scrambling kind of shrub over time. It also produces a small…

Nepenthes (Tropical Pitcher Plant)

Tropical Pitcher Plant Nepenthes sp. Synonyms:  Hanging Pitcher Plant. Nepenthes are a group of tropical carnivorous plants originating from South-East Asia, Southern China, Philippines, Madagascar and northern Australia. Although many Nepenthes species come from hot humid jungles, there are also plenty that live in montane forest or highland areas where temperatures are much cooler. In horticulture, they are grouped into three broad classifications: highland,…


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