Garden Consultation

Creative, affordable, and unique garden advice 

Oxley Nursery offers garden consultations that are tailored to growing gardens within the Brisbane area. With many styles of gardens that are well suited to our subtropical climate, we can cater to your preferred choice of planting. Use our experience to transform your backyard into your own personal oasis.

We can assist with plant selection, garden preparation, and stand-out features.

No matter what level of gardening knowledge you have, we can help you achieve a WOW factor.

*As our nursery is largely focused towards subtropical gardening, we don’t recommend this service if you live in a frost zone.

We offer a face-to-face consultation service, at the nursery, suitable for all your small and medium projects.

What to Bring

Bring in photos of the area and a basic outline drawing with measurements.

Try to have an understanding of the area – where the light comes from, and for how long, the aspect of the site (is it south facing and shady or north-facing and hot?).

Are there any large established plants already in the garden?

The more information you can provide, the more tailored the consultation can become.

What to Expect

Our consultations cover a wide range of Garden projects, new builds and blank spaces, established gardens and help on how to maintain it, poolside planting, getting your house ready for sale, we’ve seen it all. 

One on one time with an experienced Horticulturist who can answer your garden queries and plan your new space.

Consultations start with us sitting down viewing your existing garden and plants. We’ll discuss with you what your goals for the space are, what type of plants you like, or what inspiration you may have seen.

We then guide you through the nursery where we view suitable plants for your space and begin to formulate a design plan. This part is flexible where you give your input into things you like and things you don’t. We will note everything we discuss during the consultation, but feel free to take your own notes or photos during the session.

We will advise on watering needs, fertiliser options, and soil preparations.

Most consultations will result in a mud map drawing of the plants discussed with rough numbers being suggested. Sometimes this isn’t achievable when measurements haven’t been provided, or your garden project is quite large with many different areas.

After the consultation you will receive a voucher for a 10% discount to use at the nursery, the voucher is valid for 3 months.

Please remember this is just the start of your gardening journey, a true garden is never finished. We’re here to help you through your garden path.

Ready to start gardening?

If you’re ready to start your new garden straight away after your consultation then our staff can assist you with collecting the plants you discussed in your session. This usually happens with smaller spaces where detailed plans can be given.

With larger spaces it is often nice to go back into the space, visualise what has been recommend, then use the spacing guides to thoroughly plan out your space. You can then get back in touch with us for a quote or let us know you’re ready to get planting and we can start to put plants aside for you.


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Weekday Session 

45 minutes

Weekday sessions run Tuesday & Wednesday.


Weekend Session 

45 minutes

Available Saturday mornings.                                            


PLEASE NOTE: As design consultations are quite sought after session availability is limited. New session times are released monthly.
If the date you are trying to book for isn’t available, please join our wait list and contact us at 

Thank you for your understanding.



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