Cavendish Banana

Musa sp.

Synonyms: Common Banana

Cavendish Bananas are the classic banana across the world. They make up around 50% of all banana production globally. Although an older variety, Cavendish only came into prominence in the 1950’s after Panama Disease made production of the Gros Michel variety impossible. Like most Banana varieties, they grow quite tall and require good feeding and watering to crop well. Oxley Nursery sources it’s banana plants only from certified suppliers, so you can rest assured you will be getting top quality, disease-free stock.


  • Tropical gardens
  • Edible gardens
  • Potted specimen


Easy to grow. They will grow in full sun or part shade. Leaves will become split and tattered if not sheltered from wind. Will produce suckers to form a large clump in time. Best if thinned out to 2-3 stems, otherwise production may be reduced. Does best in rich, well-drained soil but is adaptable. Won’t tolerate waterlogged soils for long. Use quality fertilizer such as Troforte or Organic Link regularly to produce strong, clean growth. Will not tolerate frost.


  • Tall, tropical foliage

  • Heavy cropping
  • Relatively cold tolerant

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    Height: 5-6m
    Width: Indefinite (clumping)


    Full sun to part shade


    Moderate watering. Can survive dry periods but will not fruit well.

    Growth Rate

    Fast if in good conditions.
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