Close up foliage of Cascade

Lillypilly ‘Cascade’

Syzygium luehmannii x Syzygium wilsonii

Synonyms: Weeping Lillypilly.

Cascade is a lovely weeping lillypilly, suitable as an informal hedge or garden specimen. Minimal pruning is required compared to other lillypillies, thanks to its pendulous foliage. ‘Cascade’ will stay looking full and neat without constant trimming, but should nonetheless be lightly trimmed once or twice a year to maintain size and keep the growth compact.

Cascade’s best feature though is surely the bright pink new growth. This creates an absolutely stunning tricolor effect. ‘Cascade’ also has attractive flowers, again in pink, and much larger than on other hedging lillypillies. This variety is extremely resistant to pest and diseases, including the dreaded psyllids.


  • Hedging
  • Screening
  • Specimen/Feature
  • Flower interest


Prune lightly to encourage dense growth. Unpruned plants still usually look good but may become irregular in shape. Can grow in part shade but will maintain tighter growth and better colour in full sun. Does best in rich, well-drained soil. Won’t tolerate waterlogged soils for long. Use quality fertilizer such as Troforte or Organic Link several times a year for clean and vigorous growth.


  • Textural foliage

  • Weeping habit, low pruning requirements

  • Bright pink new growth

  • Fluffy pink flowers

  • Attractive pink fruit

  • Dense to almost ground level


Height: 3-4m
Width: 2-3m


Full sun to part shade


Moderate watering. Can survive drought periods once established.

Growth Rate

Fast if in good growing conditions.
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