String of Turtles

Peperomia prostrata

Synonyms:  Peperomia rotundifolia, Jade Necklace..

String of Turtles is a popular semi-succulent plant for hanging baskets, terrariums or indoors. Also known as Jade Necklace, this plant looks best in situations where it can trail i.e. tall pots or hanging baskets.

An easy plant to grow, String of Turtles can be adapted to a range of growing conditions. However, we find it does best in bright filtered light with not too much water. The thin, fragile stems rot easily if the plant is kept soggy all the time.

String of Turtles suffers few pest and disease issues. Sometimes the leaves go pale and loose their patterning. There’s anecdotal evidence that applying fertilizer more regularly helps keep the colour and pattern.


  • Indoor plant
  • Hanging basket
  • Terrarium plant


Filtered light only. Does best in gritty, well-drained soil. Won’t tolerate waterlogged soils. Use quality fertilizer such as Troforte or Organic Link regularly to produce strong, well-coloured growth.


  • Button-like foliage

  • Unusual reticulated pattern on leaves
  • Thin pencil-like flowers

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    Height: 2cm
    Width: 20-30cm


    Shade or filtered light


    Moderate watering. Let it go dry between waterings.

    Growth Rate

    Fast if in good conditions.
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