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Make your garden a productive garden!

Self-sustainability is the dream of many folk these days: fruit trees, veggie patch, maybe a couple of chooks. But you don’t necessary have to sacrifice your garden.


Fruit trees are easy  to grow

Some people have the misconception that fruit trees require a lot of maintenance, or they require special skills to prune them. Although some fruiting trees do have special needs, they generally require no more maintenance than any other small tree or hedge. A light prune once a year in conjunction with generous fertilizer and mulching will yield crop after crop of delicious home-grown fruit.


What are the differences?

As fruit trees are intended to produce a heavy crop each season, the biggest difference to consider is the soil. While almost any soil type (e.g. clay, sand, loam) is adequate as long as it’s free-draining, fruit trees require extra fertilizer to continue to yield. This isn’t hard to provide though.


Sizes for all gardens

If space is limited, most fruit trees come in dwarf varieties, usually growing up to 1.5-2m in height. These small forms are fantastic for pots, or in gardens where space is limited. It also makes harvesting a breeze as all the fruit are within reach from ground level. There are dwarf varieties of lemon, orange, mandarin, lime, avocado, mango, apple, guava and many more.

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