Troforte 3.5kg

Troforte Fertilizers

Langley’s Troforte is a new alternative to other slow-release granulated products such as Osmocote. Troforte is available in a range of blends, to accurately and effectively deliver nutrients to your plants over the specified period. Unlike other slow-release products, Troforte adds useful to soil microbes to the granule coating to assist with the release of nutrients and to prevent “dumping” of the nutrient load, which is known to occur with other products during hot weather.

What does it do?

Troforte is a slow-release, microbial-enhanced slow-release granule for plants in soil or in pots. It supplies around 60 nutrients to your plants, as well as inoculating your soil with up to 24 strains of beneficial soil microbes. Troforte works well to supply a steady trickle of feed to your garden, so that the plants don’t experience the stunting and poor growth that can occur with a “feast and famine” style fertilizer regime.

What can I use it on?

This product is generally fine for use on all plants, including phosphorous-sensitive Australian Native Plants. There are a number of specialist blends, along with the All Purpose formula, that will suit virtually any application:

  • Troforte M All Purpose
  • Troforte M Fruit and Citrus
  • Fert O Lawn
  • Troforte M Vegetable and Herb
    Troforte M Rejuven8tor
  • Troforte M Roses, Azaleas & Camellias
  • Troforte CRF Pots & Plants
  • Troforte CRF Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs
  • Troforte CRF Superfeeder

How do I use it?

Troforte products are usually a coarse granule, with the exception of Rejuven8tor which is slightly finer. Trofote products are best applied directly to the soil surface, or mixed in with back fill or potting mix when planting something new. Frequency of application will depend on which product you use, with release times from 3mths to 9mths.


Available in the following sizes:

  • 700g
  • 3.5kg
  • 10kg
  • 25kg bag (special order)
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