Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Rosea’

Synonyms:  Pencil Tree, Aveloz, Indian tree spurge, Naked lady, Sticks on Fire, Milk bush, Euphorbia rhipsaloides, Euphorbia viminalis.

Euphorbia tirucalli is a large succulent tree or shrub, popular in desert gardens around the world. Although normally green, the orange/red form known as Firesticks is the most popular, turning vibrant orange in winter. In colder climates such as those around Melbourne, the colour is almost luminous. Protect from extended frost periods though.

Although it is tough and attractive plant, it comes with a warning. The sap of this plant is extremely toxic if ingested, and will cause burns or irritation if in contact with the skin or eyes. It is not recommended that it is planted where children or pets will encounter it, and away from pathways where it might be brushed against.

Maintenance for this plant is virtually zero. Once established they can survive on natural rainfall. The require no pruning except for occasional trimming of outliers. Alternatively they can be cut back hard each season to keep them small. Be very cautious of the sap when pruning! This plant is well suited to acreage as a wind break or screening plant.


  • Xeric Garden
  • Balcony/patio plant
  • Potted specimen
  • Screening
  • Windbreak


Very easy to grow. Needs direct sun for best results. Unfussy as to soil types but will not tolerate waterlogging.


  • Vibrant orange foliage

  • Dense, upright habit

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    Height: 4m
    Width: 3m


    Full sun to Part Shade


    Low watering needs.

    Growth Rate

    Moderate growth rate.
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