Othonno growing in crack

Ruby Necklace

Othonna capensis

Synonyms: Little Pickles, Senecio othonna capensis.

Ruby Necklace is an attractive trailing succulent from the daisy family. It’s mostly grown as a hanging basket plant, but is also suitable for rockeries or display plantings. It is a tough succulent with few problems, but likes a bit more water than average. In adequate sunlight and restricted fertilizer, this plant will display strong purple/maroon colouration. In more shade it will be greener and thicker. Produces masses of yellow daisy-like flower intermittently throughout the year.

Best growing conditions for Othonna capensis is morning sun and afternoon shade. This will allow it to show strong colour but also reduce its demand for water in harsh conditions. This plant needs little else to thrive, though providing it with a large pot will allow it to grow to its full potential.

Othonna capensis suffers few pest and disease issues. The worst pest they suffer though are caterpillars. These are particularly prevalent in Summer and Autumn, and can decimate a plant quite quickly. Remain vigilant for signs for damage. Small infestations can usually be controlled by hand. For more serious infestations, use an insecticide such as Dipel or Confidor.


  • Xeric Garden
  • Balcony/patio plant
  • Potted specimen
  • Hanging basket
  • Rockery


Very easy to grow. Full sun to part shade. Provide it with a well-draining potting mix. Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer such as Troforte.


  • Purple/maroon foliage

  • Cascading or spreading habit
  • Masses of yellow daisy flowers

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    Height: 10cm
    Width: Spreading


    Full sun to Part Shade


    Low to moderate watering needs.

    Growth Rate

    Moderate growth rate.
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