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Jade Plant

Crassula ovata

Synonyms:  Money Tree, Jade Tree, Dollar Plant

Jade Plant is one of the most popular and versatile succulents in cultivation. This is one of many plants they call Money Plant or Jade Plant, along with Portulacaria afra, Chinese Money Plant and Lysimachia. This can create confusion when talking about plants, so best to ask for Crassula ovata to be sure.

Crassulas are tough plants from arid and semi arid regions of Africa, where they handle intense dry summers with very little rainfall. In cultivation though, they are are more adaptable and will benefit from more favorable conditions in the garden. They are tolerant of a variety of soil types but will require reasonable drainage. They are vulnerable to rot, especially if kept soggy for too long.
Jade Plants are also quite adaptable to light levels. If grown in the ground, they will easily tolerate full sun all day. Plants grown in pots may burn or scorch come summer as it can be difficult to water then enough. Potted plants are best in part shade (appropriately 4-6hrs of direct sun per day). Jade Plants can tolerate growing in heavy shade but usually become weak and leggy. For best growth and colour, make sure they get a least a couple of hours of direct sun.
Crassulas are generally fairly pest free, however Jade Plants may attract scale and mealybug, especially over summer. There are numerous cultivars of this species, including Gollum, Hobbit, Gandalf, Hummel’s Sunset, Minima, Lady Fingers and Crosby’s Red.


  • Xeric Garden
  • Balcony/patio plant
  • Potted specimen


Easy to grow. Needs direct sun for best results. Repot using a good quality Cacti & Succulent mix. Plants will benefit from a small amount of quality slow-release fertilizer such as Troforte added to the soil.


  • Tightly-held green or green/red leaves

  • Architectural branches
  • White flowers

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    Height: 2m
    Width: 1m


    Full sun to Part Shade


    Low watering needs. Provide additional water in summer.

    Growth Rate

    Slow to Moderate growth rate.
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