String of Pearls basket at Oxley Nursery

String of Pearls

Senecio rowleyanus

Synonyms:  String of Beads, String of Lanterns, String of Beads.

String of Pearls is a very popular trailing succulent suitable for brightly lit indoor areas or semi-shaded outdoor positions. In the wild it trails along the ground under shrubs and small trees. However, in cultivation it is most commonly grown as a hanging plant where the thin stems can cascade down in a dense curtain.

String of Pearls is generally a very easy plant to grow. It will handle some direct sun, but too much can cause it to burn and may cause the plant to look stressed during hot weather. A few hours of morning sun is fine, relocate if the plant is looking unhealthy. String of Pearls seems to thrive best when grown in dappled sun or under shadecloth. This species can be grown as an indoor plant if it’s keep in very bright conditions and not over-watered.
Like most succulents, String of Pearls isn’t effected by many pest or disease issues. Plants can attract aphids and mealybugs during the warmer months. Most of the difficulty of growing this plant is due to the thin and delicate nature of the stems. These rot easily if kept too wet or too dark, so proper positioning and careful watering is essential.
There are now two established cultivars of this species: a giant form (called either ‘giant’ or ‘lanterns’) and a variegated form. The variegated form also has a purple flower bud.


  • Indoor plant
  • Balcony/patio plant
  • Potted specimen
  • Hanging basket


Easy to grow. Needs bright light but not too much direct sun. Repot using a good quality Cacti & Succulent mix. Plants will benefit from a small amount of quality slow-release fertilizer such as Troforte added to the soil.


  • Green globe-like foliage

  • Pale daisy-like flowers

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    Height: Trailing
    Width: Trailing


    Part sun to Shade


    Low watering needs. Provide additional water in summer.

    Growth Rate

    Moderate growth rate.
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