Native Gardenia showing great form.

Native Gardenia

Atractocarpus fitzalanii

Synonyms: Randia fitzalanii, Brown Gardenia, Yellow Mangosteen.

Native Gardenia, otherwise known as Atractocarpus fitzalanii, is a fantastic Australian Native rain forest tree. As far as backyard shade trees, this one is hard to beat. It’s relatively small (5-6m in most situations), doesn’t have problem roots and is often as wide as it is tall, proving a great canopy.

Native Gardenias are also one of the most adaptable trees we stock. Being a rain forest species, they are well adapted to growing under the shade of the tree canopy. However, they are just as comfortable in the sun and will grow to their full potential with more light.

As the name suggests, these trees also have a fragrant Gardenia-like flower in Spring. Flowers may be followed by an edible fruit, which starts green and turns yellow when ripe. Native Gardenia are evergreen and low-mess. This plant can even be pruned to keep it as a large shrub or screening plant.


  • Feature tree
  • Screening plant
  • Shade tree
  • Windbreak


Easy to grow. Once established, Native Gardenias will require very little maintenance. Pruning other than minor trimming is not required. Regular fertilizing with products such as Troforte and Organic Link will produce lush, neat growth. Keep an eye out for aphids on the new growth as these may diminish the appearance of the plant.


  • Broad, deep green leaves
  • White fragrant flowers
  • Canopy-forming habit
  • Edible fruit


Height: 5-10m
Width: 4-6m.


Full sun to shade.


Moderate watering. Drought-tolerant once established.

Growth Rate

Moderate growth rate.
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