Heliconia flower

Heliconia ‘Red Christmas’

Heliconia laneana cv. ‘Red Christmas’

Synonyms: Heliconia angusta cv. ‘Red Christmas’, ‘Red Holiday’.

Red Christmas, named such because of its winter blooms (Northern Hemisphere, when it’s usually Christmas time), is a fantastic shade-loving Heliconia. It is comparatively small, reaching only 1-2m, with striking red and white flowers in the Australian winter.

Red Christmas is relatively cold hardy but really needs to be grown in part shade. Ideal conditions are 2-3 hours of morning sun, with bright shade for the rest of the day. Alternatively, dappled sun all day would suit. Red Christmas is unlikely to die if grow in full sun but will not look very good. There are many alternatives that handle the sun if you want something this height, just ask our staff.


  • Screening
  • Tropical / Balinese
  • Flower interest
  • Background plant
  • Pots & Tubs
  • Shade plant


Very low maintenance. Apply generous manure and/or compost around the plant for best results as this is a plant that will do much better in a rich, organic soil.

Use quality fertilizer such as Troforte or Organic Link to maintain vigorous growth. Prune away spent flowers and leaves if desired.


  • Suited for shade

  • Spectacular contrasting flowers

  • Small size, lush foliage

  • Winter flowering

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    Height: 1-2m
    Width: Indefinite, clumping


    Part sun to shade.


    Moderate needs. Water frequently in hot weather.

    Growth Rate

    Very fast if in good conditions.
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