Persian Shield

Strobilanthes auriculatus var. dyeriana

Synonyms: Perilepta dyeriana, Perilepta macclellandii, Strobilanthes dyerianus, Strobilanthes maclellandi.

Colourful plants that grow well in shade can be difficult to find, at least those that don’t just turn green and leggy. Persian Shield thrives in shade or semi-shade and is one of the most vibrantly purple plants you’ll ever find. Originally from Burma, this plant grows well in the tropics or subtropics in moist, semi-shaded areas.

Like many Strobilanthes, this species survives the winter in Brisbane. However, it tends to look poorly over the coldest months, recovering quickly as warm weather returns. Persian Shield is not frost tolerant though.

In more tropical climates where humidity is constant, this plant can handle almost full sun. Around Brisbane we recommend part sun, ideally morning sun with protection during the hottest part of the day. Although often labelled as an indoor plant, Persian Shield is a poor choice in all but the brightest indoor spaces. Best enjoyed on a patio or in the garden.


  • Shade areas
  • Low Border
  • Balcony/patio plant
  • Potted specimen
  • Foliage colour


Easy to care for. Persian Shield does best in part shade on rich well-drained soils. Does not suffer any major pest issues but will occasionally get scale, mealybug or aphids. Will not tolerate frost. Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer such as Troforte.


  • Extremely purple foliage

  • Tubular blue flowers

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    Height: 1.5m
    Width: 1.5m


    Part Sun to Shade


    Moderate watering needs.

    Growth Rate

    Fast growth rate.
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