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Beautiful cousins of the banana

Hailing from tropical America, Heliconias are in the same plant family as bananas and ginger. They are well loved in the warmer areas of the world for their spectacularly exotic flowers and lush, upright foliage. Looking for a screening plant or tall garden specimen? Look no further!


Brisbane’s new favorite screening plant?

Heliconias are proving increasingly popular as a screening plant around Brisbane, and it’s for good reason. Lush and leafy with fast and vigorous growth, there’s a lot to love about Heliconias! Did we mention they have amazing flowers in spring and summer?

Our customers find them useful plants to provide dense screening in a hurry. Hide that fence or block out those next door neighbours fast – in ideal conditions, Heliconias will grow 3-4m per year!! We often stock advanced specimens too, so come on down and reclaim that privacy without the wait.


Why plant Heliconias?

  • Lush and tropical look.
  • Amazing flowers; will attract birds and butterflies.
  • Easy to grow.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Not as messy as other screening options i.e. bamboo, lillypillies.
  • Instant screen; fast growing.



Heliconias come in a range of styles and sizes. While most grow to around 3-4m, there are sizes either side of that too. Heliconia ‘Bucky’ is an excellent small variety, growing a mere 1-2m. At the other end of the scale are varieties like ‘Richmond Red’ and ‘Barbados Flat’, both reaching up to 5m.

Although most Heliconias do well in full sun, there are a few which thrive in shade or part sun. A popular variety that does well in these conditions is Heliconia ‘Red Christmas’. This is another small one, reaching only 1-2m.

If you need help choosing varieties, come and talk to our staff. During the warmer months, we’ll have 15 or more varieties in stock in a range of different sizes.


Rostrata flower feat. Tree Frog
Heliconias growing in a garden situation
Heliconia flower

Popular varieties

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