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Plants for screening and hedging aren’t restricted to any one plant family. There are options to suit any garden type and for almost any growing situation. As well as the ‘traditional’ hedging options, plants such as Heliconias, Bamboo, Palms and trees can all be used to provide a privacy barrier or to cover up unattractive structures such as fences, walls and water tanks.


Very popular in the city and suburbs

It is no exaggeration to say that screening and privacy plants are one of our best sellers. A large proportion of the questions we field in the nursery relate to these plants! With block sizes shrinking and houses getting taller and more tightly packed, plants for privacy screens are in high demand.


How to choose the right screening plant

There are many factors to consider when choosing a plant as a screen. As well as finding something that looks nice, you should also ensure that the chosen variety will suit its purpose and will thrive in the conditions available. You should also think about the ongoing care and maintenance. For example, are you physically able to prune a hedge 4m tall twice a year, and do you have the time? Below is a very quick guide on how to choose the right screening plant. For more information, drop into the nursery and have a chat to one of our staff.

Lillypilly in full sun

Options for Sun

Screening and hedging plants that will thrive in sunny positions include Lillypilly, Murraya, Buxus, Heliconias, Bamboo, Tiger Grass, Summerscent and most trees. Without adequate sunlight, most of these plants won’t perform at their best and may end up sparsely foliated. Recommended 4hrs+ of direct sunlight per day.
Brazilian Red Cloak is great in shade.

Options for Shade

Choosing screening plants for shaded sites can be difficult, especially if that area gets direct sun during other times of the year. Fortunately, we have some good options for part shade. These include Brazilian Red Cloak, Summerscent, Rhapis Palm, Heliconias and Strelitzia. These plants will handle part shade, but not complete shade. If you require screening plants for full shade, please visit the nursery and talk to staff about it.

Options for Low Maintenance

Most hedging and screening plants are actually small trees or large shrubs. If they aren’t pruned with regularity they will grow big and may not have the neat appearance you’re looking for. Murraya and Lillypilly are in this category. If you’re after a naturally dense plant that doesn’t need much pruning, try Summerscent, Brazilian Red Cloak, Heliconias, Rhapis, Evergreen Frangipani or even small trees.

Options for Shaping

Not all plants respond well to shaping. Some are not vigorous enough, while others simply have the wrong growth form e.g. large broad leaves. The best plants for shaping into topiary or hedges oare Buxus, Lillypilly, Murraya, Phyllanthus and some bamboos.


Shaped hedging plants
Large Lillypilly topiary
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