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All killer, no filler

Shrubs and foliage plants are sometimes referred to as space filler plants. However, this label denies them their true importance in the garden. They’re are often the heart of the garden, not just padding or space fillers between other plants! Embrace these plants to make your garden look full and lush. Shrubs usually provide the bulk of the colour in the garden too, either through colourful leaves or abundant blossoms. Oxley Nursery has a large range of low shrubs and foliage plants, with options suitable for sun, shade or anywhere in between.


The Goldilocks Plants

Most shrubs and foliage plants are mid-level plants. They’re not too big and they’re not too small – they’re just right for nestling in under taller trees and palms, while still standing tall above border plants and ground covers. There are literally hundreds of species that can fill this level in the garden, everything from flashy tropical species to hardy natives or even succulents. Which plant is right for you will depend on your target height, desired maintenance level and amount of sun exposure. We can help you choose the right plant for your garden. Drop into the nursery and ask us.


How to choose the right plant

The best way to start is to know how much sun the area gets and how tall you need the plant to grow. Then it’s as simple as looking around and seeing what you like. Coming into a nursery such as ours will give you a lot of ideas (possibly too many!), but if you’d prefer to shop with intent it can pay to take a walk around your neighbourhood. Take note of what you like and what seems to grow well in your local area. If you’re not sure what plant you’re looking at, take a picture and bring it in to us! We can try and identify it for you.


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