Echeveria agavoides 'Frank Reinelt'

Echeveria agavoides – Red Edge Echeveria

Red Edge Echeveria Echeveria agavoides Synonyms: Cotyledon agavoides, Echeveria obscura, Echeveria yuccoides, Urbinia agavoides, Urbinia obscura. The Red Edge Echeveria, or Echeveria agavoides, is one of […]

Silver Dollar Vine – Xerosicyos danguyi

Silver Dollar Vine Xerosicyos danguyi Synonyms: Silver Dollar Plant. The Silver Dollar Vine is a summer-growing climbing or scrambling shrub from Madagascar. A relative of the […]
String of Pearls basket at Oxley Nursery

String of Pearls – Senecio rowleyanus

String of Pearls Senecio rowleyanus Synonyms:  String of Beads, String of Lanterns, String of Beads. String of Pearls is a very popular trailing succulent suitable for […]
Chalk Sticks at Oxley Nursery

Narrow Chalk Sticks – Senecio cylindricus

Narrow Chalk Sticks Senecio cylindricus Synonyms:  Senecio talinoides subsp. cylindricus, Senecio vitalis, Senecio spiculosus, Kleinia spiculosa and Kleinia cylindrica. Narrow Chalk Sticks is a popular succulent […]
Crassula minima at Oxley Nursery

Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

Jade Plant Crassula ovata Synonyms:  Money Tree, Jade Tree, Dollar Plant Jade Plant is one of the most popular and versatile succulents in cultivation. This is […]

Firesticks – Euphorbia tirucalli

Firesticks Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Rosea’ Synonyms:  Pencil Tree, Aveloz, Indian tree spurge, Naked lady, Sticks on Fire, Milk bush, Euphorbia rhipsaloides, Euphorbia viminalis. Euphorbia tirucalli is a […]

Sinningia bullata – Emerald Forest

Emerald Forest Sinningia bullata Synonyms:  Sinningia sp. “Florianopolis”. Sinningia bullata is a popular and hardy Gesneriad, a Brazilian relative of the African Violet. It grows naturally […]
Othonno growing in crack

Ruby Necklace – Othonna capensis

Ruby Necklace Othonna capensis Synonyms: Little Pickles, Senecio othonna capensis. Ruby Necklace is an attractive trailing succulent from the daisy family. It’s mostly grown as a […]


Lithops Lithops spp. Synonyms:  Living Stones. Lithops are a group of desert succulents from the Aizoacae family, related to Pigface and Iceplant. These plants grow in […]
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